AdentCare toothpaste

AdentCare toothpaste range – innovative oral care products developed in the laboratory using the latest technologies in the field of dentistry. AdentCare toothpaste guarantees notable results in a short period of time. These are reliable tooth decay prevention, sensitive teeth treatment and permanent fresh breath. Such effects can be easily secured due to AdentCare innovative medical formula.
Xylitol substance forming part of AdentCare toothpaste cares for the strength of your teeth and protects them from decay. Xylitol is a natural sweetener with the strong anticaries effect. Xylitol helps to restore the natural acid-base balance of the mouth cavity. Its alkaline environment reduces the duration of acid attack and destroys the source of bacteria. Xylitol also contributes to the absorption of minerals through tooth enamel. It is one of the most effective bacteria and tooth decay fighting natural substances discovered so far.
The toothpaste contains nanoXim, a biologically active nanocrystalline (nano hydroxyapatite).

NanoXim crystals are virtually identical to natural enamel crystals. Nanocrystals, coupled with enamel, prevent microcrack and pore formation, thus restoring and strengthening the natural tooth structure.

As a result, the teeth become stronger, whiter, smoother and less sensitive.

​Contains fluorides, which strengthen and protect the teeth against caries and the taste will provide a lasting fresh breath.

Natural daily toothpaste

​prevents the formation of micro cracks and pores